"The pictures look amazing! You seriously were absolutely wonderful when you came over. Thanks go much for taking care of us."


"SO AMAZING! My job of deciding who gets which picture will be super difficult. I'll be messaging you and a friend of mine who is expecting to put you two in touch. She saw the photos and wanted to do a session with you too! THANK YOU again!!!"


"I can't thank you enough!!! Those pictures are gorgeous and that was so fast!!! I think most of my day yesterday consisted of just looking at them!"


"The pictures came out amazingggggg (as per usual) lol just so in love especially some of the goofy face ones with my dad lol and I legit teared up seeing us dancing because of the look on his face I didn't notice while dancing"


"Omgg this made me tear up! Thanks for the sneak peak, I absolutely love them!"