Newborn Sessions

There is a bit of prep and planning that should go into these sessions to help them go as smooth and stress free as possible.


Scheduling and Planning

  1. It is best to schedule your newborn session while you are still pregnant. Since my schedule fills up so quickly, I recommend scheduling as soon as you reach your second trimester. We would use your due date as a tentative booking date and book the actual session time after baby arrives.
  2. Newborn sessions should be done within 16 days of Baby's birth as this is when baby is most sleepy, flexible and easy to pose. Sessions after 16 days can still be done, sometimes for medical or scheduling reasons, sessions can't be fit in within that time and that's ok. 
  3. These sessions take place in my studio in Gardner, MA
  4. Colors are planned ahead of time and everything is set up and ready to go when you arrive
  5. Full newborn sessions generally take 3 hours. Much of this time is spent making Baby happy and getting them to sleep. Preparing beforehand can help move these sessions along more quickly.
  6. The studio will be warm to keep baby sleepy so dress in layers to avoid getting too hot.
  7. Bring what you need for baby (Diapers, wipes, pacifier (if he/she uses one), bottles (if he/she uses them), breast pump. Extra clothes for everyone. 
  8. Bring food and drinks for yourself. You will be spending a good deal of time here and I want you to be comfortable.



Preparing Baby

Baby needs to be sleeping soundly in order for me to get the cutest poses. Here are some tips to help baby sleep during the shoot:

  1. If you are nursing, avoid spicy or acidic foods for a few days before the session as these can upset Baby's tummy and make them uncomfortable.
  2. Interact with baby as much as possible before leaving for the shoot to try to keep baby awake. This will help tire Baby so they will sleep more soundly during the shoot.
  3. Feed baby once more just before leaving. They should fall asleep in the car and starting off good and sleep without needing a feed right away seems to work best.
  4. Baby should be dressed in comfortable loose clothing that is easy to take off (button or zip up pajamas are great, getting things over the head is difficult when you are trying to keep baby sleeping.)
  5. Babies have accidents and this is nothing to worry about, I have clean up supplies and extra blankets and props with me for this purpose.

I have a large assortment of props, blankets, baskets and accessories to use during these shoots. If you have any personal items you would like to include in the photos please let me know.

All of my accessories and blankets are freshly washed for each session. I use baby friendly detergents for my blankets and props. All props and surfaces are sanitized prior to your arrival.